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Navigation & Control

Enabling Precision Positioning for Your Mobile Platforms

Precision pointing and imaging systems rely on gyro-stabilized platforms to eliminate unwanted movement. EMCORE’s photonic fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) and FOG-based inertial systems with PIC technology deliver high data processing capability, survivability, and accuracy.

EMCORE’s FOGs and FOG-based systems offer excellent performance and survivability in a solid-state solution with very low noise and high bandwidth to meet data processing needs.

EMCORE’s sensors provide:

• Flexible, multi-axis design
• Affordable and durable
• High input rate and baud rate

Available in multiple variants, including housed and unhoused and 1, 2, or 3-axes of gyros, EMCORE’s FOGs deliver high performance in demanding environments. EMCORE’s inertial navigation systems (INS), the GEO-FOG 3D and 3D Dual are FOG-based INS capable of data rates 10X faster than competing systems. The GEO-FOG’s sensor fusion algorithms extract more data than typical Kalman filters, giving you more vital information faster. Our commercial INS are non-ITAR, perform in the most demanding environments, and provide continuous data where GNSS is not an option, such as underground or subsea applications.

EMCORE’s photonic FOGs excel at making high performance affordable, making them ideal replacements for solutions that either don’t deliver the performance or don’t fit the budget. In addition, our FOG-based IMUs combine three high-performance photonic FOGs with high-end inertial-grade accelerometers. These precise, compact systems deliver accurate data with and without GNSS to keep your system performing accurately in all environments.

Our IMUs offer user-adjustable baud rates, enabling you to adjust the performance according to your system’s needs. EMCORE’s gyros and FOG-based IMUs and INS are perfect for autonomous, unmanned, and manned platforms requiring fast update rates and high bandwidth to close the loop quickly for precise location data and control.