GEO-FOG 3D Inertial Navigation System (INS) (Non-ITAR)

Rugged, High-accuracy INS and AHRS with Exclusive PIC technology and Embedded GNSS

With a data rate 10x faster than competing systems, EMCORE’s advanced GEO-FOG 3D inertial navigation system (INS) includes three EMCORE ultra-reliable PIC enhanced gyroscopes integrated with three low-noise, high-grade 16g accelerometers, three axes of magnetometers, a pressure sensor, and the option of either a single or dual antenna GNSS receiver. With advanced sensor fusion and PIC technology, the GEO-FOG 3D INS delivers reliable, precise navigation and control to a wide variety of aerial, ground, marine, and subsurface applications and platforms.


  • Groundbreaking sensor fusion algorithm extracts more data than typical Kalman filters
  • Continuously running north-seeking gyrocompass provides accurate heading

Technology Details

Photonic Integrated Chip Technology

EMCORE’s new photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology reimagines FOG technology by replacing individual fiber components with an innovative integrated planar optic chip. This results in a FOG with PIC Inside™ that’s even more reliable and delivers superior repeatability unit-to-unit. With three of these integrated photonic gyros at its core, the P-1750 IMU helps enable the GEO-FOG to provide safe, accurate performance autonomous platforms demand.









DSP Technology

EMCORE’s DSP electronics improve FOG performance in critical areas such as scale factor and bias vs. temperature, scale factor linearity, and maximum input rate. EMCORE’s exclusive DSP design overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.

GEO•FOG Manager
The GEO•FOG Manager is ideal when integrating EMCORE’s GEO•FOG 3D and GEO•FOG 3D Dual INS.

Developer’s Kit for Rapid Integration
The KVH FOG/IMU Developer’s Kit includes easy-to-use software to accelerate your IMU and FOG integration, development, and interface efforts.


  • Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • Embedded Trimble GNSS receiver
  • Contains triple or dual frequency GNSS receiver (depending on single or dual antenna variant)
  • Provides up to 8 mm positioning accuracy
  • 6 DoF IMU consisting of integrated FOGs and accelerometers
  • Fully supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and BeiDou
  • GEO FOG Manager Available


  • Navigation and control
  • Unmanned, manned autonomous systems
  • IMU, GPS/INS integration
  • Positioning and imaging
  • Georeferencing and land surveying
  • Stabilization and orientation