Battle-proven Tactical Navigation for All Platforms

While GNSS remains the primary source for vital positioning, navigation, and timing, satellite-based data is vulnerable to disruption and jamming by enemies, putting the mission at risk. Assured PNT demands resilient inertial-based navigation systems from EMCORE and the battle-proven, unjammable family of TACNAV systems. TACNAV® inertial tactical navigation systems are solutions deployed by militaries around the world, including the U.S. Army. As militaries demand assured positioning, navigation, and timing (A-PNT) solutions independent of satellite data, they look to TACNAV for accurate navigation with and without GNSS.

TACNAV 3D & IIc INS - With PIC Inside

Providing precise heading, dead reckoning navigation, and positioning, EMCORE's TACNAV 3D and IIc with PIC inside are high-performance FOG-based inertial navigation systems that deliver reliable navigation in GNSS-denied environments, with better accuracy at a lower cost than competing systems.

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EMCORE’s TACNAV Light with embedded GPS provides accurate navigation to light military vehicles including troop transports, ambulances, convoys, scout/recon vehicles and special operations units. Designed to meet the needs of light vehicles, this system brings flexibility, reliability, and performance to light vehicle navigation.

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Type-classified by U.S. SOCOM and designed for non-turreted vehicles, TACNAV Light is a field-proven digital compass-based system that provides GPS backup and enhancement, vehicle position, hull azimuth, and steer-to/cross-track error displays. As a result, the low-cost TACNAV Light improves operational effectiveness with unjammable positioning.

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EMCORE’s TACNAV TLS provides turreted vehicles with a versatile battle management, tactical navigation, and targeting solutions for calvary, recon, armored personnel carriers and light armored vehicles.

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TACNAV Moving Map Display (MMD)

The rugged TACNAV Moving Map Display (MMD) provides moving map technology for the TACNAV family of tactical navigation systems. Combining GPS/GNSS with TACNAV’s inertial or compass-guided navigation solution, the MMD displays position, heading, distance, bearing to waypoint, and more on a touchscreen viewable in all lighting conditions.

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TACNAV Universal Multilingual Display (UMD)

The versatile, affordable TACNAV Universal Multilingual Display (UMD) presents navigation and other critical information in multiple languages for vehicle drivers and commanders as well as mortar crews and other warfighters. The UMD displays icons and pop-up menus.

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