Illuminating a New Era of Fiber Optic Gyro Performance

Groundbreaking EMCORE Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC) Reinvents FOG Technology

EMCORE’s inertial systems with PIC Inside™ deliver robust reliability and survivability in the harshest environments while offering the critical navigation support that autonomous platforms and other applications require. EMCORE is proud that all its inertial and gyro products are made in the USA.

A Revolution in Fiber Optic Gyro Technology

EMCORE’s new photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology reinvents FOG technology with a groundbreaking integrated planar optical chip that replaces individual fiber optic components. EMCORE gyros and inertial systems with PIC Inside are designed to deliver:

  • Flexible, modular designs for easy integration
  • Outstanding repeatability unit-to-unit

Photonics on a Chip: Consistent, Reliable & Cost-efficient

EMCORE Fiber Optic Gyros
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The Advantages of Photonic Fiber Optic Gyros

EMCORE’s groundbreaking photonic chip technology1 overcomes numerous technological obstacles to meet the demanding requirements for autonomous platforms by:

  • Incorporating complex elements onto a chip to maintain or improve accuracy and performance, as well as simplify production and remove hand work from the process
  • Providing consistent components and manufacturing to ensure consistent performance and reliability
  • Enabling mass-production of precision inertial systems

1Protected by U.S. Patent # 10,274,319. Additional patents pending.

Ensuring Performance through Rigorous Testing & Qualification

We rigorously test our new PIC technology to ensure superior performance, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Part Level – Testing includes over temperature cycling, temperature and humidity, and shock and vibration, all run over multiple lots of parts to validate the repeatability and robustness of manufacturing
  • Product Level – Testing is done across the complete set of performance specifications and environmental conditions and repeated over time to validate the design

Photonic Chip Technology-based Inertial Systems

Disruptive Technology for Safe, Precise Autonomous Navigation

EMCORE’s new photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology reimagines FOG technology by replacing individual fiber components with an innovative integrated planar optic chip. This results in a FOG that’s even more reliable and delivers superior repeatability unit-to-unit, essential for the safe, accurate performance of autonomous platforms.