EMCORE Corporation has a long history of supplying the U.S. government and military with advanced technologies for a wide variety of aerospace & defense and homeland security applications.

Leveraging our expertise in compound semiconductor manufacturing, fiber optic, MEMS and RLG-based component and system design, EMCORE provides a suite of ruggedized products that meet the reliability and durability requirements of the U.S. government and the aerospace, defense & homeland security markets.

Our vertical integration and differentiated laser platform enables many variants in optical design. Key elements can be independently optimized supporting customization and faster design cycles. EMCORE has development, qualification and production capabilities in advanced photonics from prototyping to volume manufacturing.

Additionally, EMCORE has consistently demonstrated the ability to quickly and economically design and manufacture custom products based on COTS items. The development of our commercial product lines has enabled EMCORE to achieve tremendous economy-of-scale at both the device and system level. We leverage this in the development of custom products for specific applications that provide government and defense customers with cost-effective solutions.

EMCORE’s products for the aerospace & defense market include fiber optic, MEMS and RLG-based components and systems for land, sea, air and space guidance and navigation applications.