Tank Turret Stabilization

Tank Turret Stabilization

EMCORE’s quartz MEMS QRS116 and QRS28 gyroscopes, and our DSP-3000 series and EMCORE-HawkeyeTM EG-120 fiber optic gyros offer excellent low-cost solutions to tank turret position control, including azimuth and elevation, and other inertial measuring controls within the turret stabilization process. Providing high-vibration performance, low noise and superior bias, our devices are packaged in ultra-small, hermetically sealed units. Durably designed, these miniature sensors are self-contained and provide high reliability and long-life performance characteristics.

EMCORE Benefits Critical to Customer Requirements:

• High Vibe & Shock Performance
• Low Angle Random Walk Values
• Compact Package Design, High MTBF
• Excellent Bias Stability
• Superior Dynamic Range

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