Providing Assured Position & Navigation for the Digital Battlespace

Missile Targeting

GPS and GNSS are the primary sources for essential positioning navigation and timing for tactical missions. Yet satellite-based data is increasingly vulnerable to disruption from both natural causes such as buildings, canyons, and mountains, and electronic jamming by enemies putting the mission at risk. Even the temporary loss of GPS for position and navigation on the digital battlefield creates a high level of uncertainty for land forces, putting critical missions and the safety of U.S. and allied forces at risk.

Recognizing these threats and building on decades of expertise, EMCORE’s TACNAV products are effective, accurate, and unjammable position and navigation systems that deliver low-cost, low-risk, immediate solutions to GPS denial and jamming.

EMCORE Benefits Critical to Customer Requirements:

• Greater accuracy at lower cost than competing solutions
• Designed to enhance and support GPS
• Extremely accurate dead reckoning navigation in GPS-denied environments
• Compact with comparable SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, Cost) to higher priced systems
• Flexible, scalable configurations
• Supports requirements of VICTORY architecture
• Interfaces with existing and future Battle Management System

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