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Ensuring Accuracy & Stability by Eliminating Motion

The accuracy of pointing and stabilization systems is essential to radar and LiDAR, recording and data-gathering systems, antennas, and optical systems. EMCORE’s gyroscopes and inertial solutions with PIC technology eliminate error-generating movement in line-of-sight devices and precision data-gathering systems.

Designed to meet both specifications and end users’ expectations, EMCORE’s fiber optic gyros (FOGs) deliver the precision required for every budget.

EMCORE’s sensors provide:

• Resist shock and vibration
• High-performance, compact, and affordable with PIC technology
• Application agnostic

EMCORE open-loop gyros resist vibration and shock by design, making them ideal for HD cameras and data-gathering systems that rely on stabilized platforms to remain rock-steady. On land, at sea, or in the air, EMCORE’s FOGs deliver excellent performance for a range of applications with housed and unhoused sensors available in 1, 2, or 3-axes configurations.

EMCORE’s high-performance inertial measurement units (IMUs) with exclusive PIC technology combine tactical-grade photonic FOGs with high-end accelerometers to deliver accurate pointing and stabilization data, even when GNSS is unavailable. EMCORE’s inertial units offer a range of performance and affordability so designers can choose the right IMU for their system and budget. Our selection of IMUs provide easy-to-integrate features, including a Developers’ Kit that enables rapid prototyping to get your system up and running quickly.