Fixed Wing Aircraft

Defense Fixed Wing

Capable of providing their own system solution, EMCORE’s quartz MEMS QRS116 gyroscope and SDI500 Tactical IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit), and FOG IMUs and FOG INS provide unprecedented random angle walk values without loss of tactical grade levels across military aircraft operating environments. Featuring excellent bias repeatability and superior vibration performance in ultra-small footprints, our QRS11 gyroscope offers the same level of performance with its own “Gyro on a chip” technology and all internal electronics in a mature solid-state device. All our gyros and navigation systems deliver high reliability and long life characteristics with multiple data formats and output interfaces ideal for system integration and use by OEMs.

EMCORE Benefits Critical to Customer Requirements:

• Superior Bias Stability
• Consistent Repeatability
• High Reliability, Long Life
• Excellent Vibration Performance
• Miniature, Solid-State Packaging
• Low Noise, High Bandwidth

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