Autonomous Navigation

Successful Autonomous Navigation Demands EMCORE Precision

EMCORE’s Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) and quartz MEMS inertial sensors rewrite the performance cost equation. Now you can get affordable navigation data in all environments and weather conditions even if GNSS is unavailable. EMCORE sensors have logged over a million miles of autonomous driving.

EMCORE performance advantages you count on

EMCORE’s line of inertial sensors provides the data that autonomous vehicle navigation requires:

• Dependable positional accuracy
• Precise angular rate
• Trusted acceleration data

Enhancing GNSS to deliver navigation accuracy

GNSS signals used for navigation can be blocked by buildings, terrain, tunnels, parking garages, and signage or be intentionally jammed or spoofed. FOG-based inertial systems enhance GNSS using integrated solid-state gyros and high-end accelerometers for unjammable, unblockable, and highly accurate navigation. That’s why EMCORE FOGs and inertial systems are the preferred navigation sensors for vehicles that have driven millions of autonomous miles.

EMCORE’s new TAC-450 line is integrated with high-performance inertial-grade accelerometers for reduced lateral drift in dead reckoning, better orientation and attitude stability, and outstanding resistance to shock and vibration. Discover TAC-450 IMUs

EMCORE’s exclusive PIC technology uses an integrated planar optic chip, resulting in a sensor that delivers robust performance and survivability in challenging environments.


Ensuring Performance Through Rigorous Testing & Qualification


EMCORE rigorously tests its PIC technology to ensure superior performance, accuracy, and reliability.

Part Level – Testing including over temperature cycling, temperature and humidity, and shock and vibration, all run over multiple lots of parts to validate the repeatability and robustness of manufacturing.

Product Level – Testing is done across the complete performance specifications and environmental conditions and repeated over time to validate the design.