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EN-300 Precision Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement/Navigation Unit (IMU)

EMCORE has developed the EN-300 Precision Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement/Navigation Unit as a higher accuracy inertial system to be form, fit and function compatible with a legacy equivalent, but with better performance needed for GPS denied navigation, precise targeting and line-of-sight stabilization

The EMCORE EN-300 is a state-of-the-art design incorporating EMCORE’s proprietary integrated optics devices to enhance performance, providing up to five times better performance than competing systems. The internal signal processing provides full stand-alone or aided navigation, and as an option can provide standard inertial measurement unit (IMU) delta velocity and delta theta.

The EMCORE EN-300 provides lower noise and greater stability than competing IMUs. With the option of full navigation capability including coning and skulling compensation and sophisticated Kalman filtering, the unit is also able to statically find North to less than one degree through gyrocompassing.

EN-300-1 0.005 deg/rt-hr Inertial Measurement Unit
EN-300-3 0.007 deg/rt-hr Inertial Measurement Unit
EN-300-5 0.03 deg/rt-hr Inertial Measurement Unit


  • Three-axis, precision closed loop FOG using EMCORE’s proprietary FOG transceiver that enhances performance, Increases relability and lowers cost
  • More than double the fiber length of legacy IMU
  • State-of-the art electronics
  • Factory programmable I/O with exceptional flexibility with options for IMU, navigation or combined data


  • Inertial navigation system for UAVs/drones
  • Dismounted soldier applications
  • Applications where GPS is unavailable
  • Aeronautics and aviation