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MEMS Gyros & Multi-Axis Sensors

        SDG1400 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope
        For the most demanding commercial and aerospace applications, the SDG1400 offers class-leading
        performance and stability in a small, rugged package. Utilizing an advanced Quartz MEMS inertial
        sensing element, it provides superior bias stability and repeatability. The SDG1400 has no moving
        parts and exceptional MTBF performance. A commercial off-the-shelf product, it gives fast start-up,
        very low noise, and high bandwidth, making it ideal for critical commercial and aerospace

        Features/Benefits                        Applications
        n  Superior Bias Stability and Repeatability  n  BizJet
        n  Miniature Solid-State Package, Small Footprint  n  Commercial Transport
        n  Low Noise                             n  Platform, Antenna and Camera Stabilization
        n  Wide Operating Temperature Limits     n  UUV and ROV
        n  Internal Temperature Sensors          n  Robotic Control
        n  RoHS Compliant

        SDG500 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope
        Featuring performance advantages over other gyros in its class, the SDG500 is a completely self-
        contained angular rate sensor. Utilizing a Quartz MEMS inertial sense element housed in a compact,
        rugged aluminum case, it provides virtually unlimited life. An on-board temperature sensor allows
        the user to enhance performance via thermal modeling and correction. With a simple DC input and
        high-level DC output, the SDG500 will integrate quickly and simply into your designs.

        Features/Benefits                        Applications
        n  Exceptional Bias Stability            n  BizJet
        n  Superior Vibration Performance        n  Commercial Transport
        n  Low Noise                             n  Ride Control, Automotive Testing
        n  Miniature Size, Small Footprint       n  Robotic Control
        n  DC Input/High-Level DC Output         n  Wind Turbine Control
        n  RoHS Compliant                        n  UUV and ROV

        QRS14 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope
        The QRS14 is an exceptionally capable solid-state gyroscope expressly designed for use in a broad
        range of applications. Featuring solid-state quartz MEMs technology, this unit combines excellent
        vibration and noise performance, and virtually unlimited life. Enclosed in a compact housing, the
        QRS14 provides a DC voltage input, and analog DC voltage output proportional to the rotational
        Features/Benefits                        Applications
        n  Exceptional Rugged Design             n  Ride Control
        n  Solid-State MEMS Design, Long Life    n  Wind Turbine Control
        n  Internal Power Regulation             n  Platform, Antenna and Camera Stabilization
        n  High Reliability                      n  Robotic Control
        n  Wide Temperature Range                n  Commercial Transport
                                                 n  Automotive Testing

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