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EMCORE & Systron Donner Inertial 40-Year Navigation Heritage

                                                        2010 - 2020

                                                                                        EMCORE               EMCORE
                                                                                       Awarded LTC           Awarded
                                                                                       by Raytheon for     Raytheon 5-Star
                                                                     EMCORE    EMCORE    FOGs      EMCORE   Excellence
                                                                     Awarded    Named            Acquires Systron   Award
                                                                      Largest   Raytheon   EMCORE    Donner Inertial
                              AMRDEC              AMRDEC             Contract to   Supplier    Introduces    EN-300 IMU
                              Awards              Awards            Supply FOGs   Excellence   EN-300 IMU   Introduces   Achieves
                              EMCORE    EMCORE    EMCORE             for Airborne   Program   and EMCORE-  EMCORE-   General
                              MINAV 1   Introduces    MINAV 2        Navigation   Premier Award   Hawkeye TM   Orion Series   Availability
                              Program  EMP-4 FOG  Program             Systems  Winner   Series FOGs  INS     Milestone
          2010      2011     2012      2013       2014     2015      2016     2017      2018      2019      2020
           SDI500    SDN500    SDI500 1°/Hr   SDI500 for   SDI Awarded   SDI500   QRS28 for    SDI500    2,500th SDI500   MEMS IMU
          1°/hr IMU for   1°/hr INS/GPS   IMU for SSAT &   Mk30 Target  MK-48    Awarded for   Missile Seeker  Development   Delivered  for Hypersonic
         Mk48 & Mk54   Replaces  FireJet Drones  Heavyweight   Weapons        for Captive                   Weapon (2x)
          Torpedoes  Legacy            SDI500 for   Torpedo IMU   Programs:  SDI Awarded   Carry Weapons
                   C-MIGITS III        Kestrel, Wide   Contract  NUWC  MK-54 &    IMU Contract
                     System            Area EO/IR           MK-48   for SDI300 for
                                                            Torpedo,  Boeing 777X
                                                            Spearfish   IFCE
                                                                    SDI Awarded
                                                            1,000th    Bell
                                                            SDI500    Helicopter’s
                                                            Delivered  H-1 Contract

                                                       1980’s - 2000’s

                                                                                        2005-EMCORE Acquisition of Phasebridge
                                                                                      2006-Establishment of Lithium Niobate Foundry
                     1984-EMCORE Founded                                                  2008-FOG Tx/Rx IOC Development
                                                                                           2009-EMP-1 FOG Introduced
                        1980’s                              1990’s                             2000’s

                      QRS Technology Origin     Wide adoption for Flight Controls: 777, P-3, C-130, 737, F-22  INS/GPS: C-MIGITS
                     Digital IMU Demonstrated             AGM-65A Maverick          F-11, F-18, Hawk Flight Control >25M Gyros delivered
                       SRAW Missile G&C                      AGM-130                         1.0°/Hr QMEMS Gyro
                   LEAP & Brilliant Pebbles Programs        Mars Rover
                                                                                           SDI500 1°/Hr IMU Introduced

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