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                                                     SDI500                                  SDI170
                  Parameter             Gyro Channels     Acceleration Channels  Gyro Channels    Acceleration Channels
         Bias Over Temperature           1°/hr - 10°/hr     1.0 mg - 2.0 mg       1°/hr - 3°/hr      1.0 mg - 2.0 mg
         Bias In-Run Stability           1°/hr - 2°/hr        100-200 μg          1°/hr - 1.5°/hr     100-200 μg
         Angle/Velocity Random Walk (Noise)  <0.02°/√hr  100 μg/√Hz - 120 μg/√Hz   <0.02°/√hr     100 μg/√Hz - 120 μg/√Hz
         Data Rates                           2400, 1200, 600 Hz (Control)          600 Hz (Control) / 100 Hz (Guidance)
                                              400, 200 100 Hz (Guidance)                 - other rates available
         Physical & Environmental
         Operating Temperature Range              -55 °C to +85 °C                        -55 °C to +85 °C
         Dimensions                                2.9”D x 2.9”H                           3.5”D x 2.9”H
         Weight                                       1.3 lbs                                 1.95 lbs
         Volume                                    19 cubic Inches                         33 cubic Inches

        SDN500 INS / GPS Tactical Grade Navigation System (Non-ITAR)
        Our most advanced MEMS INS/GPS tactical grade system, the compact SDN500 combines latest
        generation quartz gyros, quartz accelerometers, high-speed signal processing and a 48-chan-
        nel Coarse/Acquisition (C/A) code GPS receiver into a powerful, tightly coupled guidance and
        navigation system. There is also an option to utilize a Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module
        (SAASM) GPS receiver. Our proprietary quartz MEMS inertial sensors maintain position and
        attitude accuracy in the event of loss of GPS tracking. The low power SDN500 is designed for
        integrator and OEM use in the latest demanding, smaller, and more scalable system applications.

        Features/Benefits                              Applications
        n  Adaptable, Modular 25 in.  Compact Size for   n  UAVs
           Packaging Flexibility, Weighs < 1.6 lbs.    n  Defense Fixed Wing and Helicopter
        n  48-Channel GPS Tracking for Improved Coverage  n  Missile Guidance Control & Targeting
        n  Less than 35 Second TTFF from Cold          n  Precision Guided Munitions
        n  Enhanced 100 Hz Position Data               n  Platform Stabilization
        n  Customer Programmable Output Data Rates

                                                           MEMS IMU & INS Program Highlights
                Parameter            SDN500 INS/GPS
         Performance                                       n  SDI500 Ranked 1st in 2021 Military-Commisioned IMU Trade Study
                                                              and Systron Donner Inertial 2018 IMU Trade Study
         Axes                              3
         Position (SEP)                  3.9 m             n  Over 5,000 SDI500 Units Sold
         Velocity (1 sigma, horiz/vert)  0.1/0.1 m/s       n  SDN500 Achieves Success in Ultra-High-Altitude CAST Navigation
         Heading (1 sigma, in motion)  1.5 mrad + d (1) (0.086°)  Test Simulation of Performance at Over 24,000 Meters with
         Pitch and Roll (1 sigma)    1.0 mrad (0.057°)        Velocities Over 600 m/s
         Shock Tolerance               20 g, 11 ms         n  SDI500 Awarded Contracts for Multiple Weapons Programs:
         Physical & Environmental                             - MK-54  & MK-48 U.S. Navy Torpedos
         Dimensions                   2.9”D x 3.80”H       n  SDI300 Awarded IMU Contract for Boeing 777X Integrated Flight
         Weight                          <1.6 lbs             Control Electronics (IFCE) Fly-By-Wire (FBW) system
         Volume                       25 cubic inches

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