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MEMS Gyros & Multi-Axis Sensors

        EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial line of MEMS Gyroscopes and Multi-Axis Sensors deliver
        high reliability and low total cost of ownership, with no wear-out modes or calibration intervals
        required. Customers can select performance levels to match their requirements ranging from
        0.5 to 20 degree per hour bias stability with exceptionally low noise, small size, high bandwidth
        and reliability.

        SDD3000 Single-Axis Precision Digital Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)
        The SDD3000 is our high-performance, digital, single-axis gyroscope. Incorporating an advanced
        Quartz MEMS sensing element, it is optimized for applications that require low noise and excellent
        stability over changes in temperature and vibration. Boasting a small size, light weight and very low
        power consumption, the SDD3000 is truly a leader in its performance class.

        Features/Benefits                              Applications
        n  Exceptionally Low Noise <0.01°/√hr (ARW)    n  UUV, UGV and UAV
        n  Bias In-Run Stability <0.5°/hr              n  Camera and Platform Stabilization
        n  Robust Shock & Vibration Tolerance 40g Shock   n  Tank Turret Stabilization
           Operating /150g Shock Survival
                                                       n  Missile Targeting
        n  RS-232 or RS-422 Digital Output
                                                       n  Commercial Transport
        n  Compact 8.0 in.  Size

        QRS116 Single-Axis Tactical Grade Analog Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)
        The QRS116 utilizes an advanced Quartz MEMS inertial sensing element which delivers ground-
        breaking levels of low angle random walk, bias stability and vibration performance. The QRS116 is
        a compact angular rate sensor ideally suited for applications in tactical, aerospace and mission-crit-
        ical instrumentation. The QRS116 features exceptionally low noise, fast start-up, a simple electrical
        interface, and no moving parts ensuring long service life and high MTBF.

        Features/Benefits                              Applications
        n  Exceptional Bias Stability                  n  UAV, UGV and ROV
        n  Unprecedented Low Angle Random Walk Values  n  Tank Turret Stabilization
        n  Superior Vibration Performance              n  Defense Fixed Wing and Helicopter
        n  Compact Industry-Standard Package (Same as QRS11)  n  Camera and Platform Stabilization
        n  Rugged, Compact Package Integrates easily   n  Antenna Stabilization

        QRS28 Multi-Axis Gyroscope (Non-ITAR)
        With one of industry’s smallest form factors, QRS28 couples two of our robust quartz MEMS rate
        sensors for unprecedented capabilities in wide bandwidth, repeatable bias performance over tem-
        perature and ruggedness in most environments. It is especially suited for demanding applications
        that require reliable performance such as missile seeker gimbal stabilization, as well as high volume
        commercial applications, where small size and low power consumption is required.

        Features/Benefits                              Applications
        n  Dual Axis Capabilities in Small Form Factor  n  Tank Turret Stabilization
        n  Miniature Size: Only 25 gm (1.05” x 0.71” diameter)  n  Missile Targeting
        n  Hermetically Sealed In Stainless Steel Cylinder  n  Platform, Antenna and Camera
        n  High Reliability
                                                       n  Spacecraft
        n  DC Input/High-Level DC Analog Output

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