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Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) IMU & INS


                                          EN-300-3                    EN-1000i                    EN-2000i
                                    Gyro       Acceleration     Gyro        Acceleration     Gyro        Acceleration
                                   Channels      Channels     Channels       Channels       Channels      Channels
         Bias Over Temperature      0.2°/hr       300 μg       0.05°/hr       100 μg        0.03°/hr       100 μg
         Bias In-Run Stability     0.04°/hr       0.1 mg       0.006°/hr     0.75 mg        0.003°/hr     0.75 mg
         Random Walk (Noise)       0.015°/√hr  0.025 m/s/√hr  0.002°/√hr    0.01 m/s/√hr   0.0016°/√hr   0.01 m/s/√hr
         Scale Factor Accuracy     100 ppm       100 ppm      <100 ppm       <50 ppm       <100 ppm       <50 ppm
         Bandwidth                        <1000 Hz                    <1000 Hz                     <1000 Hz
         Physical & Environmental
         Operating Temperature Range   -40 °C to +75 °C             -54 °C to +75 °C            -54 °C to +75 °C
         Dimensions                     3.5”D x 3.35”H          6.14”L x 3.78”W x 5.38”H     6.14”L x 3.78”W x 5.38”H
         Weight                            <1.8 lbs                    7.5 lbs                      7.5 lbs
         Volume                         33 cubic Inches             125 cubic inches            125 cubic inches

        EMCORE-Orion  Series EN-1000/2000 Micro Inertial Navigation Systems                  COMING SOON!
        The EMCORE-Orion  series EN-1000/2000, high-precision Micro Inertial Navigation (MINAV)
        systems can gyrocompass from approximately 0.8 to 1.2 milliradian depending on the model in
        environments where GPS is unavailable or denied. EMCORE’s advanced FOG INS technology has
        enabled the units to provide performance comparable to traditional RLG INS with 1/3 the SWaP.
        They are designed to provide customers the flexibility to choose the performance level tailored
        to their application. The EN-1000/2000 are also capable of being aided by an external GPS for
        additional flexibility.

        Features/Benefits                               Applications
        n  Three-Axis, Precision Closed-Loop Proprietary FOG   n  UAVs, UUVs, UGVs
                                                        n  Manned Aircraft and Rotorcraft
        n  FOG Sensor Coil Diameters are Optimized for High
           Precision Navigation                         n  Dismounted Soldier and Ground
                                                          Vehicle Navigation
        n  Three Precision Traditional Mechanical Accelerometers
                                                        n  Oil and Gas Exploration
        n  Next-Generation FPGA Electronics
                                                        n  Aeronautics and Civil Aviation
        n  Programmable (factory) I/O with Exceptional Flexibility
           with Options for IMU, Navigation or Combined Data

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