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        EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial Quartz MEMS Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Naviga-
        tion Systems (INS/GPS) deliver unprecedented performance in their class. They are designed for
        a wide variety of high-precision Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Defense Applications.
        SDI500 Tactical Grade IMU (Non-ITAR)
        The SDI500 IMU outperforms other MEMS IMUs and delivers comparable performance to older,
        costlier optical IMUs in a lower power, smaller, and lighter form factor. With 1°/hr gyro bias, 1 mg
        accelerometer bias stability and very low 0.02°/√hr Angle Random Walk (ARW) over wide tem-
        perature ranges, the SDI500 is designed to achieve the demanding performance levels required in
        sophisticated systems applications and is well-suited for use by Integrators and OEMs.

        Features/Benefits                                Applications
        n  Excellent Bias Stability                      n  Missile & Torpedo Guidance,
                                                           Control & Targeting
        n  Unprecedented Low Angle Random Walk Values
                                                         n  Precision Guided Munitions
        n  Superior Vibration Performance                n  Defense Fixed Wing and Helicopter
        n  Miniature, Small Footprint Size (19 cubic inches)  n  UAVs and UUVs
        n  Solid-State, One-Piece Sensor Design, High MTBF  n  Tank Turret Stabilization
        n  Multiple Data Formats/Output Interfaces       n  Platform Stabilization

        SDI170 Tactical Grade IMU (Non-ITAR)
        EMCORE’s SDI170 IMU is designed as a performance-compatible inertial system that is form, fit, and
        functional with a legacy RLG-based IMU product, but with superior overall performance, versatility,
        and a significantly higher MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) rating over ruggedized environments.
        The tactical performance of the SDI170 IMU is based on EMCORE’s mature, proven, dependable and
        accurate quartz MEMS inertial sensor technology in our SDI500 tactical-grade IMU.
        Features/Benefits                                 Applications
        n  1°/hr Gyro & 1 mg Accel Bias Over Temperature  n  Precision Aircraft Attitude Heading
                                                            Reference Systems (AHRS)
        n  0.02°/√hr Angle Random Walk–5X Better Than RLG-based
           IMU it is Designed to Replace                  n  GPS-Aided Navigation Systems
        n  <1 Second Valid Data Start-Up                  n  Autonomous & Remotely Operated
        n  <33 Cubic Inch Rugged Size
                                                          n  Tactical Weapons: Missile & Torpe-
        n  20 Year Lifetime Without Calibration, Greater Than   do Guidance, Control & Targeting
           100,000 hr. MTBF


                                          EMCORE SDI500 & SDI170                       Honeywell HG1700
                Parameter            Gyro Channels     Acceleration Channels   Gyro Channels     Acceleration Channels
         Bias                        1°/hr - 10°/hr       1.0 mg - 2.0 mg       1°/hr - 5°/hr       1.0 mg - 3.0 mg
         Bias In-Run Stability        1°/hr - 2°/hr       100 μg - 200 μg          N/A                  N/A
         Random Walk (Noise)          <0.02°/√hr            100 μg/√Hz         <0.125 - 0.5°/√hr     0.65 FPS/√hr
         Data Rates             600 Hz (Control) / 100 Hz (Guidance) - other rates available  600 Hz (Control) / 100 Hz (Guidance)
         Physical & Environmental

         Operating Temperature Range           -55 °C to +85 °C                          -54 °C to +85 °C
         Dimensions                  SDI500 2.9”D x 2.9”H, SDI170 3.5”D x 2.9”H   HG1700 AG 3.5”D x 2.86”H, HG1700 SG 3.5”D x 2.26”H
         Weight                           SDI500 1.3 lbs, SDI170 1.95 lbs        HG1700 AG <2 lbs, HG1700 SG <1.5 lbs
         Volume                        SDI500 19 cubic In., SDI170 33 cubic in.  HG1700 AG 33 cubic in., HG1700 SG 27 cubic in.

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