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EMCORE Navigation Program Highlights

        EMCORE designs and manufactures the world’s highest performance
        Fiber Optic and MEMS Inertial Sensors & Systems. Our single-axis,
        closed-loop Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG), three-axis FOG Inertial
        Measurement Units (IMUs) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS),
        along with our Systron Donner Inertial world-leading Quartz MEMS
        Gyros, Accelerometers, IMUs and GPS/INS products, deliver clear,
        continuously improving Cost, Size, Weight, and Power (CSWaP)
        advantages over alternative technologies.

        Our navigation solutions feature high bandwidth, high input rate
        and low noise combined with proprietary integrated optoelectronics
        and Quartz MEMS technology to provide precise, reliable stabiliza-
        tion, geolocation, guidance, navigation and flight control solutions
        in critical commercial and defense applications.

        EMCORE’s Navigation & Inertial Sensing programs have received
        multiple U.S. patents and have been qualified for several key
        military programs. Our Fiber Optic and MEMS Gyroscopes, IMUs and
        INS/GPS products are transforming navigation worldwide.


        n  Pioneer in the development of closed-loop Fiber Optic   n  Continuous development of leading-edge technologies
          Gyroscope and Quartz MEMS technology
                                                                 n  Innovative breakthrough products with unmatched
        n  Trusted and reliable partner with more than 40 years of   performance for the price
          extensive experience
                                                                 n  Multiple Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award recipient
        n  Vertically-integrated manufacturing in the USA
        Quality and Reliability                                  Tactical & Navigational Grade Applications

        n  Superior on-time delivery & customer quality index    n  Civil Aerospace - Commercial manned aircraft, rotocraft
        n  Industry-leading reliability under the most           n  Defense - UAVs, UUVs, UGVs, missiles, guided bombs,
           demanding conditions                                     torpedoes, weapons stabilization/targeting and
        n  No known modes of wear-out                               man-portable warfighter applications
        n  No moving parts or friction (QMEMS sensors)           n  Industrial OEM - Camera & antenna stabilization, ROV,
                                                                    robotic control
        n  High Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating
                                                                 n  Energy & Infrastructure - Wind turbine control, platform
        n  No recalibration or rebuilding                           stabilization
                                                                 n  Transportation - Automotive testing, ride control
        Fiber Optic Advantages                                   Quartz MEMS Advantages

        n  Highest perfomance levels for the most demanding      n  Smaller size and lighter weight
           tactical and navigational grade applications
                                                                 n  1°/hr bias accuracy for tactical applications
        n  Bias in-run accuracy to 0.04°/hr (EN-300)             n  Exellent stability and superior noise level
        n  Angle Random Walk (ARW) noise to 0.015°/√ hr (EN-300)  n  No known modes of wear-out, moving parts or friction
        n  Fast, precise gyrocompassing to 1 milliradian         n  Lower cost and long life
        n  Digital and analog outputs for the widest variety of
           installation parameters

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