SDG500 Single-Axis Analog Gyroscope

Commercial-Grade Gyroscope
Systron Donner Quartz MEMS
Featuring performance advantages over other gyros in its class, the SDG500 is a completely self-contained angular rate sensor. Utilizing a Quartz MEMS inertial sense element housed in a compact, rugged aluminum case, it provides virtually unlimited life.

An on-board temperature sensor allows the user to enhance performance via thermal modeling and correction. With a simple DC input and high-level DC output, the SDG500 will integrate quickly and simply into your designs.

System Performance

Standard Range ±100°/sec
Input Voltage + and - 10 to 15 Vdc
Scale Factor 0.050 Vdc/°/sec
Bias Stability <20º/hr (In-Run at constant temp. Std. Dev.)
Output Noise ( DC to 100 Hz) <0.005º/sec./√Hz (DC to 100 Hz)


  • Exceptional Bias Stability
  • Superior Vibration Performance
  • Low Noise
  • Miniature Size, Small Footprint
  • DC Input/High-Level DC Output
  • RoHS Compliant