QRS31 3-Axis Control Quartz System

The model QRS31 3-Axis Control Quartz System is a compact, lightweight design, that features Quartz MEMS technology based on three solid-state gyros offering virtually unlimited life. The QRS31’s combination of high performance and long life makes it well suited for OEM’s and system integrators designing cost-effective, high-performance systems.

The QRS31 requires only DC voltage inputs to provide reliable, extremely accurate angular rate measurements with the benefit of no moving parts. With a hermetically sealed sensing element, the QRS31 has provided reliable performance in aircraft, missile and space systems across many demanding application environments.

System Performance

Standard Range ± 150°/sec
Input Voltage ± 15 ± 1 VDC
Output ± 20 VDC Differential
Scale Factor .133 V/°/sec (2)
G-Sensitivity <± .02°/sec/g
Operating Temperature Range -54 °C to +80 °C


  • Exceptional Bias Stability
  • Solid-State (No Moving Parts) For High MTBF
  • Superior Vibration Performance
  • Low Noise
  • Fast Start-Up


Tactical & Navigational Grade Gyroscopes for:

  • BizJet
  • Commercial Transport
  • Fixed Wing
  • Defense Helicopter
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Spacecraft
  • Platform Stabilization
  • Camera Stabilization
  • Antenna Stabilization