The Ideal Solution for Affordable Tactical Navigation for Light Vehicles

On the battlefield, maintaining situational awareness is vital to crews of all military vehicles, not just heavy combat forces. Yet light vehicles don’t need all of the extras that “big budget” navigation systems bring. EMCORE’s TACNAV Light is a field-proven digital compass-based battlefield navigation system. Type-classified by U.S. SOCOM and designed specifically for non-turreted vehicles, TACNAV Light offers:


  • GPS backup and enhancement, vehicle position, hull azimuth, and steer-to/cross-track error displays
  • One of the lowest cost tactical navigation systems available
  • Improved operational effectiveness and increased force OPTEMPO


  • The TACNAV Light is controlled by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, USC Sec 2751 et seq.) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, 22 CFR 120-130, and may not be exported from the United States or disclosed to a foreign person in the United States except as authorized by those regulations.
  • Features

    • Compass for the highest degree of accuracy and unjammable position and navigation information
    • Dead reckoning and odometer interface for accuracy to within 2-3% of distance traveled
    • Digital interface with Battle Management Systems for improved situational awareness
    • Uses TACNAV Universal Multilingual Display (UMD) capable of presenting data in virtually any language


    • Light military vehicles