TACNAV® 3D Fiber Optic Inertial Navigation System

A-PNT-capable, Highly Accurate Full 3D Navigation in All Terrains – Now Available with PIC Technology

The FOG-based TACNAV® 3D tactical inertial navigation system provides an assured position, navigation, and timing system with an embedded GNSS and optional Chip-scale Atomic Clock (CSAC). TACNAV 3D also has EMCORE’s new exclusive photonic integrated chip technology, which delivers even more reliability while maintaining or improving accuracy and performance. TACNAV 3D’s modular tactical design means it functions as a standalone inertial navigation solution, and as the core of an A-PNT-capable multi-functional battlefield management system.

Features of the field-tested TACNAV 3D include:

  • High-performing EMCORE IMU for reliable 100% situational awareness even when GPS/GNSS is unavailable
  • Extremely accurate heading, dead reckoning navigation, and orientation at a lower cost than competing systems
  • 1 pulse per second (PPS) timing assurance during loss of GPS/GNSS

Technology Details

Exclusive Technology

Precision Inertial Sensors
TACNAV systems feature EMCORE’s high-performance Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-based inertial sensors providing mission-critical performance:

  • Highly accurate gyros integrated with low noise accelerometers
  • Three axes of magnetometers for automatic gyro bias compensation
  • Very high bandwidth, low latency and low drift










Featured Options

Integrated Chip-scale Atomic Clock
The optional Chip-scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) timing option maintains PPS signal integrity during GPS/GNSS loss, a critical feature in preventing timing delays of PPS output to military radios, etc.

Iridium Two-way Messaging
An Iridium transceiver option is available to transmit and receive vehicle position, waypoint, and target location to or from a command center or other vehicles.

TACNAV Moving Map Display
The rugged TACNAV Moving Map Display (MMD) provides an easy-to-use graphical navigation capability for military vehicles by combining available internal or external GPS/GNSS with TACNAV’s inertial or compass-guided navigation solution.

TACNAV Universal Multilingual Display
EMCORE’s TACNAV Universal Multilingual Display (UMD) offers robust tactical display technology, capable of presenting navigation and other critical information in multiple languages.

  • The TACNAV 3D is controlled by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, USC Sec 2751 et seq.) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, 22 CFR 120-130, and may not be exported from the United States or disclosed to a foreign person in the United States except as authorized by those regulations.
  • Features

    • Full 3D navigation provides dynamic heading/pitch and roll, and altitude/distance and bearing to waypoint
    • Now with P-1775 IMU featuring new PIC technology designed to deliver improved Bias Stability, more reliability and outstanding repeatability unit-to-unit
    • Designed for easy integration with Battlefield Management Systems (BMS), including the optional two-way Iridium® satellite communications for short duration burst messaging
    • Receives and transmits both Ethernet and CANbus signals, and RS-422
    • More economical than competing systems
    • Horizontal and vertical positional accuracy even when GPS/GNSS is blocked, jammed, or unavailable
    • Inertial sensors not reliant on compass heading


    • Standalone inertial navigation solution and core of an A-PNT-capable multi-functional battlefield management system.