TAC-450-360 Photonic Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) (Non-ITAR)

Outstanding Performance for the Most Demanding Environments and Applications

The new TAC-450-360 inertial measurement unit (IMU) is one of the premier IMUs offered by EMCORE. Designed to deliver the highest level of performance, the non-ITAR TAC-450-360 IMU includes our exclusive photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology. The high-performance TAC-450-360 IMU is designed for applications in which high bandwidth, low latency, and low drift are critical. The TAC-450-360 IMU is integrated with inertial-grade accelerometers and three axes of magnetometers to provide the high accuracy levels that leading autonomous and manned platforms demand.


  • Designed for ease of integration with flexible interface settings and programmable message outputs
  • Excellent performance in critical applications and the specs that matter most
  • Improved SWaP plus robust performance and survivability

Technology Details

Photonic Integrated Chip Technology
EMCORE’s photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology* reimagines FOG technology by replacing individual fiber components with an innovative integrated planar optic chip. This results in a FOG with PIC Inside™ that’s reliable and robust. With three of these integrated photonic gyros at its core, the TAC-450-360 IMU provides the safe, accurate performance autonomous platforms demand.

PIC Inside









State-of-the-art Electronics
EMCORE’s Dual Core DSP electronics with ARM processor require less power for extended product life and offer higher speed with integrated multi-channel processing. Low-loss optical circuits use less light for greater efficiency.

Feature Options

Developer’s Kit for Rapid Integration
The FOG/IMU Developer’s Kit includes easy-to-use software that accelerates your IMU and FOG integration, development, and interface efforts.

Your Choice of Inertial-grade Accelerometers
The TAC-450-360 IMU is available with your choice of 10g, 16g, 30g, and 100g high-end inertial-grade MEMS accelerometers to further enhance your application’s performance.


  • Extremely high bandwidth (≥1000 Hz)
  • User-programmable data output rates from 1 to 1000 Hz
  • User-configurable baud rate to minimize communication latency and receive data faster
  • Compact and lightweight for excellent SWaP
  • Three tactical-grade photonic FOGs and 3-axis magnetometer
  • Your choice of 10g, 16g, 30g, and 100g inertial-grade MEMS accelerometers
  • High scale factor accuracy
  • Increased efficiency with modern processing electronics


  • Extremely demanding autonomous platforms
  • Pipeline inspection maintenance
  • Drilling and mining
  • GNSS-aiding inertial navigation
  • Stabilization systems for LiDAR, EO/FLIR
  • Augmented reality and mobile mapping
  • Precision pointing and positioning