TAC-440 Quartz MEMS Tactical Inertial Measurement Unit (Coming Soon)

Ultra-Compact, Rugged Tactical Grade MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit
Systron Donner Quartz MEMS
The TAC-440 MEMS-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is the world’s smallest 1°/hour IMU and is a higher-performance, form, fit, and function compatible replacement for the Honeywell 1930 and 4930 IMUs. Featuring an ultra-compact package of less than 5 cubic inches, the TAC-440 delivers 1°/hour gyro bias with 1 mg accelerometer bias stability and very low 0.05°/√hour angle random walk (ARW) over wide temperature ranges. The breakthrough performance of the TAC-440 IMU is based on a EMCORE’s proven quartz MEMS inertial sensor technology. EMCORE’s quartz technology enables repeatable, high-volume production of precisely machined sensor structures combined with the inherent large signal output and thermal stability of quartz materials.

The TAC-440 is a compact IMU constructed with EMCORE’s latest generation quartz gyros, quartz accelerometers, and high-speed signal processing to achieve outstanding precision performance. The TAC-440 IMU is designed for demanding, mission-critical, rugged environments. The solid-state quartz sensors and hermetically sealed IMU construction provide reliable MTBF. Continuous Built-in Test (BIT), configurable communications protocols, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection make the TAC-440 IMU easy to use in a wide range of higher order integrated system applications.


  • 1°/hr Gyro Bias Over Wide Temperature Range
  • 0.05°/√hr Angle Random Walk (ARW)
  • < 1.0 seconds Valid Data Start Up
  • 5 in.3 Compact Size
  • Outstanding Performance over Temperature, Shock, and Vibration environments
  • Solid-State, One-Piece Sensor Design, High MTBF
  • Data Time of Validity (TOV) Input & Output Synchronization


Tactical Grade Inertial Measurement Units For:

  • GPS-Aided Navigation Systems
  • Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Aerial and Marine Geomapping / Surveying
  • Targeting & Pointing Systems


TAC-440 Quartz MEMS Tactical Inertial Measurement Unit (Coming Soon)