IPADS Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System

Inertial Surveying System

EMCORE’s Improved Position and Azimuth Determining System (IPADS) is an inertial surveying system developed to meet today’s demanding U.S. Army and Marine Corps survey needs. Survey operations functionality, navigational accuracy, transportability, survivability and affordability requirements drove the system design.

EMCORE’s IPADS provides significant enhancements for today’s Army and Marine Corps survey teams. While meeting PADS accuracy and environmental requirements, IPADS offers a proven, reliable, lightweight, off-the-shelf solution developed around four main components.

> Compact Position/Navigation Unit (CPNU)
> Control and Display Unit (CDU)
> Battery and Charger Unit (BCU)
> Porro Prism Assembly (PPA)

All components are housed in a robust frame that allows for easy component access and stability, while facilitating a ready, two-person transfer between vehicles and aircraft.


  • High-precision common survey enables efficient mass fires
  • Common architecture and components (MLRS, HIMARS, Firefinder, Paladin and Long-Range Air Surveillance Radar)
  • Navigation aids (compass rose and digital maps)
  • In-vehicle and offset survey
  • Combat-proven
  • Embedded Built-In Test (BIT)
  • High reliability MTBF, low mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • No periodic calibration required


    Artillery Survey to Mark:

  • Survey Control Point (SCP) position; used to initialize weapon systems
  • Orienting Line (OL) position and azimuth; used to initialize and align artillery assets