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EMCORE Acquires KVH FOG & Inertial Navigation Systems Products
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EMCORE’s FOG Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), based on our advanced Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) technology, combined with our line of Systron Donner Quartz MEMS IMUs, provide superior CSWaP (Cost, Size, Weight and Power) compared to competing systems and legacy designs for a wide variety of navigation applications including UAVs, missiles, dismounted soldier north finding, and navigation in environments where GPS is unavailable or denied.

EMCORE’s FOG Inertial Measurement Units deliver high-precision with up to ten times better performance than competing units depending on the model. We are one of the largest independent inertial navigation providers in the industry offering a full product suite serving a broad range of requirements across the tactical, navigational, and strategic-grade segments of the market.