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Systron Donner InertialEMCORE’s state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology, combined with our Systron Donner Inertial line of world-leading quartz MEMS navigation products, achieve higher performance with lower CSWaP (Cost, Size, Weight and Power) than competing units and legacy designs. EMCORE is one of the largest independent navigation & inertial sensing providers in the industry offering a full product suite serving a broad range of requirements across the tactical and navigation grade segments of the market.

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EMCORE Feature in GPS World
>> “Enabling Higher Precision at Lower Cost and SWaP-EMCORE MEMS and FOG Sensors”

EMCORE Featured in Inside GNSS Article
>> “Narrowing the SWaP Gap for Tactical Grade IMUs Under Real-World Conditions”

EMCORE Featured in Inside Unmanned Systems Article
>> “Resetting the Bar on Inertial Sensor SWaP for Tactical- and Navigation-Grade Applications”

EMCORE-Inside GNSS Webinar
>> “Resetting the Bar on Inertial Sensor SWaP for Tactical and Navigation Applications”

EMCORE’s navigation & inertial sensing programs have received multiple U.S. patents and has been qualified for several key military programs. Our Fiber Optic and MEMS Gyroscopes, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) are setting the new benchmark for accurate and economical guidance, navigation and inertial sensing in a wide variety of applications.