5 Ways GEO-FOG Manager Aids Your Application’s Integration & Customization

GEO-FOG Manager UI

1. Filter Options

Designed for a wide range of applications from cars to helicopters to autonomous underwater vehicles, use the Vehicle Profile settings to compensate for your platform’s unique dynamics. 

2. Alignment

When the system is not mounted perfectly level with the vehicle frame, use the Alignment tool to correct for small mounting errors and to adjust the mounting alignment to provide a position and orientation output relative to the vehicle frame.

3. Raw Sensors

For applications that require raw inertial data in addition to the navigation output, GEO-FOG Manager allows you to see this data in real time and provide feedback to your control system.

4. Orientation

Monitor roll, pitch, heading and course data in real time to see how your system reacts to changes in these values.


A full sensor fusion tool, the GEO-FOG 3D has the built-in capability of using data from auxiliary sensors around the vehicle to provide a high accuracy position and orientation solution.

Complete. Ready to Use.

GEO-FOG Manager includes all the necessary antennas, cables, and power supply you need to get started.