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Leveraging over sixty years of experience and proven performance in systems deployed in space, EMCORE’s CIRUS IRU and IMU deliver state-of-the-art, strategic-grade performance for inertial navigation, guidance, pointing and stabilization for spacecraft attitude control, supporting DoD, NASA and commercial missions. Our quartz MEMS technology makes our MEMS gyroscopes an ideal suite of systems-conscious solutions for spacecraft and critical applications such as terrain navigation in distant locations. These devices are ultra-small in size and operate reliably with low noise and outstanding bias stability. EMCORE’s MEMS gyroscopes are operating on the MARS Rover, illustrative of the reliability and performance success inherent in these ruggedly designed models. Our EMCORE-HawkeyeTM series Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) and FOG IMUs can also support space-based systems applications.

Critical to Customer Requirements:
Strategic-Grade Performance
Low Noise
Excellent Bias Stability
High Reliability, Long Life
Unprecedented Low Random Walk Values
Compact Size

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