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Precision Guided Munitions

Precision Guided Munitions

EMCORE’s Systron Donner Inertial quartz MEMS QRS116 gyroscopes and SDI500 Tactical IMUs along with our Fiber Optic Gyros and FOG IMUs play key roles in Precision Guided Munitions (PGM). Offering exceptionally low noise, low angle random walk values, excellent bias repeatability, small size, ruggedness and low cost our gyros and IMUs are significant contributors to the overall guidance system design accurately guiding these weapons to the designated target. Because of their high reliability and advanced technology, these devices are capable of functioning as a self-contained system, ideal for integrator and system-building OEMs to employ without hesitation.

Critical to Customer Requirements:

1°/hr. Gyro Bias, all causes
Unprecedented Low Angle Random Walk Values
High Vibration Capability
Compact Design, Small Footprint
Solid State, One Piece Design For High MTBF

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