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EMCORE 9934 RFoG Optical Networking Unit (ONU) Transceiver

EMCORE’s 9934 Radio Frequency over Glass (RFoG) Optical Networking Unit (ONU) Transceiver is an OBI (Optical Beat Interference) mitigated design, utilizing EMCORE’s breakthrough Linear Externally Modulated Laser (L-EMLTM). The extremely narrow linewidth of the L-EML laser decreases the probability of OBI events significantly compared to traditional DFB based products.

The EMCORE 9934 RFoG ONU extends Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) networks deeper into neighborhoods to handle increasing user bandwidth demand and enables cable operators to offer a Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) type architecture without changes to standard equipment in the headend, central office or home. The unit supports 1610 nm burst mode analog return-path conversion for voice, video and data signals in single family and multi-dwelling unit applications. It resides at the customer’s location and provides the interface between the optical network and the subscriber coaxial network.

EMCORE’s RFoG ONU transceiver is designed to support standard CATV downstream and upstream transmission bands. Downstream it receives a 1550 nm forward path optical signal carrying an RF cable television spectrum up to 1.2 GHz. For return path it utilizes an L-EMLTM transmitter that operates at 1610 nm and supports a 5-42/65/85 or 204 MHz spectrum options. EMCORE’s OBI mitigated RFoG ONU is compliant with the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers) RF over Glass specification.


  • Supports standard CATV operating frequencies
  • OBI mitigation through proprietary upstream laser wavelength variation
  • L-EMLTM laser transmitter
  • 1610 nm upstream wavelength operation
  • <1.0 μs upstream laser activation/de-activation time
  • Compliant with SCTE RFoG specification


  • DOCSIS over Passive Optical Network (DPON)
  • Voice, video and data in single family and multiple-dwelling unit locations