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Optiva OTS-OSP Fiber Optic Splitter

The Optiva OTS-OSP Series Fiber Optic Splitter/Combiner enables a single transmitter to feed either 2, 4, 8, or 16-way optical receivers. The Optiva OTS-OSP splitter is most typically used for point-to-multipoint or site diversity applications. The OSP-202-SA and OSP-402-SA are 1-slot Optiva plug-in modules, while the OSP-802-SA and OSP-1602-SA are 2-slot Optiva plug-in modules.

All Optiva satellite and microwave transmitters and receivers are SNMP compliant. They can be housed in the same chassis and monitored by the same Network Management System (NMS) as Optiva HD video, audio, serial data, and USB extension / distribution cards to provide multiple format and frequency transport in a single flexible platform.

A consultation with your EMCORE representative, or authorized EMCORE reseller is the 1st step in designing your system. Email Us, or call 626-293-3400, Ext. 3501 for a design consultation, or to request a datasheet.


  • 2, 4, 8, and 16-way
  • Optiva insert card form factor
  • Fits in Optiva 16, 6 & 2 slot enclosures, which supports Daisy Chain video, audio, and data links (8 & 16-way modules not applicable to 1 slot enclosure)
  • Low insertion loss
  • CE & CSA certified device


  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Site diversity
  • Security

Optiva OTS-OSP Fiber Optic Splitter