Product Documentation:

Optiva OPV-CTLR-IC EMCOREView Management & Control Suite

The Optiva EMCOREView Management & Contol Suite makes remote monitoring and control of Optiva enclosures and modules simple. Through the utilization of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), the Optiva EMCOREView Controller Card (Model OPV-CTLR-IC) operates under a uniform software platform which allows for efficient integration with other devices.

The Optiva EMCOREView Controller Card collects data coming from any Optiva enclosure and the Optiva EMCOREView Graphical User Interface Management Software and analyzes and displays the data to the user. For example, it displays transmitter optical output, receiver optical input power, chassis alarm and status in real-time. In addition, Optiva EMCOREView monitors and displays card status such as laser and photodiode current, as well as module temperature.

The Optiva EMCOREView Controller Card can serve as an interface to any SNMP based management software, such as HP Openview Source, providing critical data and showing the connect/disconnect for data signals. The client retains the ultimate discretion of whether to use the Optiva EMCOREView software or an alternative, ensuring both independence and flexibility in system management.

A Management Information Base (MIB) is integrated within the Optiva EMCOREView Controller Card. The MIB collects, stores and provides all information required by the Network Management Software (NMS) to understand the data presented by the Controller Card.

The Optiva EMCOREView Controller Card occupies a single slot in any Optiva enclosure and can monitor all cards operating in the chassis.

  • 10/100 Ethernet monitoring interface
  • Auto detection of signals
  • Optical bandwidth analysis system diagnostics
  • Alert log
  • SNMP 1.0 compatible
  • Manageable by any SNMP GUI
  • All user MIB’s
  • Compatible with any Optiva enclosure
  • 3-Year warranty