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Medallion 8000 Series 1550 nm Fiber Optic Transmitter

Direct-Modulation, DWDM, Low Distortion, Wideband

EMCORE’s Medallion 8000 is a directly-modulated DWDM optical transmitter specifically designed for wideband applications that require both CATV and DBS signals to be transmitted over up to a 30 km length of fiber. This facilitates networks designs that use a single transmitter to carry multiple signals.

The Medallion 8000 supports full 79-channel NTSC analog signal and/or a combination of QAM, DBS with reduced channel analog CATV. It can be selected as a fixed fiber length option to support a fixed length from 0 – 10 km, 5 – 15 km, 10 – 20 km and 15 – 25 km with 18 dBm SBS suppression maximum, or it can be ordered as a fiber length selectable option. This option allows the user to set the Medallion 8000 for best optimized CSO at any fiber length from 0 – 30 km with 1 km increments. At the selected fiber length, the unit can perform within specification with a fiber length of ± 3 km. The selectable fiber length option has a maximum SBS suppression of 20 dBm.

8000 Series 47-1002 MHz CATV 1550 nm Directly-Modulated Transmitter
8000 Series 950-2700 MHz SAT-IF 1550 nm Directly-Modulated Transmitter


  • Dual-redundant power supplies
  • SNMP network interface
  • Dual RF inputs for CATV and
  • Available on 100 GHz Spaced ITU DWDM C-band channels
  • Optimized RF integration of predistorter, amplifiers, and EMCORE Laser
  • Advanced SBS suppression technology
  • Fiber length selectable via front panel control
  • RoHS compliant


  • High power distribution Networks
  • Redundant ring architectures
  • RFOG applications
  • FTTx networks
  • SAT-IF transport