Optiva IF, L-Band & S-Band Fiber Optic Transport

50 MHz to 3 GHz Wideband Fiber Optic Links

EMCORE’s Optiva OTS-1L Series Wideband Fiber Optic Links are optimized to perform in the 50 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range providing transparent IF, L-Band and S-Band signal transport for satellite antenna and interfacility link applications. 1310 nm, 1550 nm, CWDM and DWDM card module options are available along with a dual-density card that increases chassis capacity by a factor of two. All OTS-1L series transmitters and receiver pairs provide a 30 dB adjustable gain range, a peak optimizer for quick and easy set-up, and patented SmartGain Control which ensures consistent performance over varied signal conditions and enhanced AGC performance.

All Optiva satellite and microwave transmitters and receivers are SNMP compliant. They can be housed in the same chassis and monitored by the same Network Management System (NMS) as Optiva HD video, audio, serial data, and USB extension / distribution cards to provide multiple format and frequency transport in a single flexible platform.

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  • 50 MHz to 3 GHz optimized for IF, L- and S-Band satellite signals
  • Supports short- and long-haul links
  • 30 dB Tx and Rx adjustable gain range
  • Peak optimizer for quick and easy setup
  • SmartGain for enhanced AGC performance
  • 50 & 75 Ohm BNC or 50 Ohm SMA options depending on the card module
  • Tx & Rx RF power monitors via LED, SMA & SNMP
  • LNB power
  • SNMP monitoring and control
  • Optically-isolated uncooled DFB lasers
  • Fits in Optiva enclosures, which supports Daisy Chain video, audio, and data Links
  • 16, 6, 2, & 1 slot enclosures available


  • Satellite antenna signal transport
  • DBS antenna signal distribution
  • Interfacility signal transport