EMCORE-API (Application Programming Interface) for Optiva Platform

EMCORE-API is an application programming interface that can communicate with EMCORE’s Optiva Platform via NMS Card pulling data into a customer’s (or 3rd party) IT system. It is compatible with a variety of programming languages including C++, Java, Java Script, Python, and Node and there is no additional charge with Optiva-based systems. EMCORE assistance on implementation is available as part of the EMCORE-Advance Partnership Plan which provides many advantages including Expedited RMA/Repair Services, Extended Warranty Program to 18 months, Expedited Spares program, Preferential Pricing, Enhanced Customer Support, Future Roadmap Visibility on upcoming programs, and more.

For more information, consult with your EMCORE representative, or authorized EMCORE reseller. Email Us, or call 626-293-3400, Ext. 3501 for a design consultation.


  • Optiva NMS-based API integrated to your IT system
  • Allows EMCORE product to function across any IT system with uniform look and feel
  • Remote back-up control & optical switching from a central location
  • Link multiple equipment suppliers under one platform for lower IT and maintenance cost
  • Schedule switching and maintenance options remotely for increased uptime
  • Modify setpoints and monitor alarms