Product Documentation:

1998 Cooled, Coaxial DFB Laser Module with Flex Circuit

EMCORE’s Model 1998 DFB cooled coaxial laser offers a high-performance solution for linear wideband fiber optic links. The 1998 is internally cooled with thermo-electric coolers already installed for high-stability with low power consumption. The 1998 DFB laser builds upon EMCORE’s long history of high-performance, leading-edge designs for CATV, wireless and high-speed digital applications. The laser diode device is packaged in a compact, hermetic cooled TOSA assembly together with monitor photodiode, thermistor, TEC and optical isolator for flexible integration into various transmitter configurations.


  • Linear DFB laser
  • 100 GHz ITU DWDM channels
  • Output power >10 dBm
  • Bandwidth >6 GHz
  • Thermistor and monitor photodiode
  • Highly-efficient Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC)
  • Flex circuit interconnect
  • RoHS compliance


  • Signal distribution in L-Band, S-band and 5G wireless remoting links
  • Next-gen wireless/DAS applications
  • High-linearity and wide bandwith fiber links