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1742 18 GHz 1550 nm DFB Laser

The 1742 18 GHz 1550 nm Microwave Distributed Feedback (DFB) Laser provides exceptional performance for linear fiber optics communications in very wide bandwidth applications. EMCORE’s linear fiber optics are an excellent alternative to using coaxial cable systems to transmit 10 MHz to 18 GHz signals. They offer significant improvements in reliability of microwave communications networks by transmitting the RF signal in its original format. As a result of these properties, the 1742 provides significant improvements in signal quality for a wide variety of applications including antenna remoting, telemetry, timing and reference signal distribution, measurement and delay lines.

The basic 1742 laser module can be integrated into a complete transmitter either as a flange-mount for extreme environments, or as a plug-in for EMCORE’s System 10000 rack-mount system.

B 7 GHz 1550 nm DFB Laser
C 13 GHz 1550 nm DFB Laser
D 18 GHz 1550 nm DFB Laser


  • High-dynamic-range
  • Long distance communications
  • 10 MHz to 18 GHz bandwidth
  • Built-in optical isolator
  • 1550 nm


  • Antenna remoting
  • Cellular and PCS networks
  • Military communications
  • Tracking, telemetry, and control