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EMCORE is a pioneer of innovative RF over fiber solutions for satellite communications with a long history of designing and configuring systems tailored to specific customer requirements.

EMCORE’s latest innovations are incorporated into the Optiva family of SNMP managed Transmitters, Receivers, Optical Amplifiers, RF and Optical Switches, Passive Devices, Video, Audio, Data and Ethernet products that provide high-performance fiber optic transmission from 1 MHz to 60 GHz. Our products transport Baseband, IF, L, S, C, X, Ku, K, Ka, Q/V and Ultra-Wideband signals over high-performance fiber optic links for a wide variety of high-dynamic-range applications including satellite antenna remoting, inter- and intra-facility links, site diversity systems, high-performance supertrunking links, and more.

A consultation with your EMCORE representative, or authorized EMCORE reseller is the 1st step in designing your system. Email Us, or call 626-293-3400, Ext. 3501 for a design consultation.