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EMCORE lasers for Optical Sensing support a broad array of technologies including LiDAR, strain measurement, tracking, terahertz-spectroscopy, interferometry, position and interference measurement, and free space communications. EMCORE’s optical sensing components can be custom designed in a variety of form factors to integrate into a wide range of industrial applications including autonomous vehicles, oil and gas exploration, materials characterization, aerospace, astronomy, and more.

For the Automotive industry, EMCORE has developed a continuous wavelength, coherent optical source laser for LiDAR applications that delivers low linewidths and high power making it a perfect match for autonomous driving applications. EMCORE’s design provides a compact and robust solution for Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) sensing with unprecedented immunity from interference. The monolithic design combined with high optical isolation makes EMCORE LiDAR lasers highly immune to mode or frequency hopping found with external cavity designs.

As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, EMCORE can support customizable form factors from chip level to packaged component or micro-optical subassembly. EMCORE is also expanding our product development efforts in LIDAR technology. Leveraging our world-class InGaAs Photodiode technology, EMCORE is developing Photo Diode Array products to support the receive side of a LIDAR system.

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