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The demand for delivery of high speed, broadband data over traditional CATV network installations is continuing to evolve towards ever increasing speeds. The next generation of ultra-high definition televisions are slowly taking over their predecessors in living rooms worldwide, while consumers are demanding even faster delivery of video and latent free data services.

EMCORE has a proud legacy as one of the original innovators of linearized fiber optics that enabled the world’s first delivery of CATV directly on fiber. At the core of EMCORE’s technology is our highly specialized InP wafer fabrication facility based in Alhambra, California along with novel and advanced device designs, and decades of experience from the men and women tasked with producing the electro-optical devices that the world’s data flows through. EMCORE further integrates these devices with RF and control electronics into subsystems and systems that form all of the key active network elements needed for end-to-end transport (fiber optic transmitters, receivers, amplifiers and switches).

EMCORE’s CATV group is keenly focused on expanding our technology roadmap to accommodate the DOCSIS 3.1 evolution in all areas from device to system level. We are continuously pursuing new technologies to push the performance, density and power to the edge of what is physically possible while lowering the total cost of ownership to our customers with high-quality, reliable and robust designs.