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Optiva OTP-1SD2DA SDI Video and Digital Audio

SDI Video and Digital Audio Transmission
The Optiva OTP-1SD2DA provides for the transmission of 1 channel of uncompressed SDI video and 2 channels of digital audio (AES3), over long or short distances, using a single fiber.

In addition, the OTP-1SD2DA is part of our innovative Optiva video, audio and data media transport system. Optiva was designed to maintain lossless fiber extension between input and output signals. New signals may be added without the need for additional fiber through our proprietary daisy-chain technology. The Optiva line of products also includes insert cards for up to 16 channels of multiplexing / demultiplexing, 16×16 matrix switching, optical add / drop, as well as remote system monitoring.

System Design
Optiva insert cards support both 19″ rackmount and compact tabletop or wall-mountable enclosures. The 3RU 19″ rackmount enclosures (Models: OT-CC-16 & OT-CC-16F) can support up to 16 insert cards as well as dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies utilizing two 100 watt or two 200 watt power supplies. Also available in the rackmount form factor is our 1RU enclosure (Model: OT-CC-6-1U) which can accommodate six insert cards and utilizes two 60 watt power supplies. For desktop or wall mounting applications there are one-slot (Model: OT-DTCR-1) and two-slot (Model: OT-DTCR-2) enclosures. Both use an external wall mount power supply.


  • SMPTE 259M Compliant
  • Uncompressed SDI Video over Fiber
  • AES3 Digital Audio over Fiber
  • Singlemode Options (up to 70 km)
  • Multimode Options (up to 3 Km)
  • All-Digital Processing for Crystal Clear Picture with No Compression
  • Real-Time Video Transmission for Exceptional Quality and Resolution
  • TDM – Single Wavelength
  • No EMI, RFI, or Ground Loops
  • 3-Year Warranty


  • Remote OB Van/Truck Video Feeds
  • Broadcast Studio Camera Feeds
  • SD Routing (Requires Optical Matrix Switch)
  • Long-Haul Signal Transport
  • Lecture Hall Projector Connectivity
  • Medical / Surgical Room Broadcast