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Genesis XD (GXD-32)- Cross Point Matrix Switch – 4K

EMCORE’s Genesis XD (“GXD”) is an all-in-one multimedia matrix solution that converts, scales, switches and distributes video, audio and data for small-to-large connectivity applications.

GXD’s massive 40 Gbps backplane accommodates uncompressed 4K UHD resolutions now and 8K resolutions later, allowing it to serve as a staple for Installers that want a flexible and reliable connectivity platform.

GXD is a non-blocking, full cross-point matrix switch that accepts and converts both analog and digital signals, including HDMI 1.4b with HDCP (known as HEAC – HDMI, Ethernet, Audio, Control), Display Port, DVI, VGA, Component and 3G HD-SDI. Remote locations can be connected using multimode and singlemode fiber or CATx using HDBaseT technology.

A notable feature of Genesis XD is the ability to break-away and switch audio separately for professional audio editing and processing requirements. GXD also embeds digital S/PDIF or stereo analog audio inputs into HDMI and 3G HD-SDI signals, as well as, de-embeds audio from those same digital signals.

Genesis XD is a modular system, expandable by use of GXD- insert cards and external GBOX series, throw-down boxes that can be used as point-to-point links and for point-to-multipoint applications.

GXD can be controlled via remote RS-232 serial data or Ethernet, or via front touch screen panel, which may be used as a preview screen for video sources. GXD allows any source to seamlessly connect to one or many displays for continuous, trouble-free operation in critical applications.


  • Supports resolutions from HD 1080p to 4K/UHD 3840×2160/30Hz
  • HDMI units extend HDMI 1.4b (true HDCP) and support HEAC (HDMI / Ethernet / Audio Return Channel / Control)
  • Supports legacy VGA and Component devices
  • Supports remote KVM with USB-HID (for keyboard / mouse)
  • Supports embedded/de-embedded break-away and switching of Stereo Analog Audio and S/PDIF Digital Audio
  • Supports control via CEC, IR, bidirectional RS-232, and 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Remote distribution options to include Fiber, CATx/HDBaseT and IP cabling
  • Fiber cards support 10.3 Gbps optics: multimode fiber up to 0.3 km or singlemode fiber up to 10 km
  • CATx (HDBaseT) cards support up to 100 m
  • Video over IP / Ethernet cards support H.264 encoding / decoding

Genesis XD (GXD-32)- Cross Point Matrix Switch – 4K