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EN-150 Precision Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement/Navigation Unit (IMU)

EMCORE’s EN-150 Precision Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement/Navigation Unit is smallest, most affordable FIber Optic Gyro-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) available today. The EN-150 is a higher accuracy inertial system that is one-third the volume and weight of a legacy RLG-based IMU product with better performance needed for GPS denied navigation, precise targeting and line-of-sight stabilization.

The EMCORE EN-150 is a state-of-the-art design incorporating EMCORE’s proprietary integrated optics devices to enhance performance, providing up to two-times better performance than competing IMU systems. The internal signal processing provides standard IMU output and options for full stand-alone or aided navigation. The EN-150 provides lower noise and greater stability than competing IMUs, and with the option of full navigation capability, includes coning and sculling compensation and sophisticated Kalman filtering.

EN-150-1 0.02 deg/rt-hr Inertial Measurement Unit
EN-150-3 0.08 deg/rt-hr Inertial Measurement Unit
EN-150-5 0.10 deg/rt-hr Inertial Measurement Unit


  • Three-axis, precision closed-loop FOG using EMCORE’s proprietary FOG transceiver that enhances performance, Increases relability and lowers cost
  • Next-generation Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Electronics
  • Three precision MEMS accelerometers with greater pendulosity than legacy designs
  • Factory programmable I/O with exceptional flexibility with options for IMU, navigation or combined data


  • Inertial navigation system for UAVs/drones
  • Dismounted soldier applications/weaponry
  • Stabilization platforms
  • Applications where GPS is unavailable