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DLS – Fiber Delay Line System – Delay Spool and Optical Transceiver

EMCORE’s fiber optic RF & Microwave Delay Line System (DLS) offers superior performance for radar testing, signal processing and phased array antennas. Delay lengths of greater than 2,000 µsec are available. The DLS can have a number of switchable delays as well as one permanent delay.

The DLS provides convenient RF input/outputs that connect to an internal RF transmitter and RF receiver accordingly. Internally, the RF signal is converted to an optical signal and transmitted over a fiber optic link
to the receiver and provides the required signal delay time. Frequency range, delay length, and link performance requirements can be tailored over a wide range of performance levels to meet specific requirements. These options include RF amplification in the transmitter and receiver, as well as optical amplification for longer delays. The DLS can be designed with either standard single mode or dispersion shifted fibers. Dispersion compensation fibers are also available.

EMCORE’s DLS offers compelling size, weight and performance advantages over traditional coax or waveguide solutions. A wide range of RF and optical performance options and packages are available. The system is supplied as a complete solution with all modules mounted in 19” racks that use standard AC power. Packaging options for the system include various rack configurations and temperature stabilized optical fiber.


  • >2000 µsec Delays – More Flexibility than Coax or Waveguide Solutions
  • Switching Option Available
  • Smaller Size – Conserves Rack Space
  • Less Weight – Enables Airborne and Mobile Solutions
  • 0.05 – 40 GHz Bandwidth – Replaces Multiple Waveguide Systems with a Single Link
  • Flat Phase Response
  • Minimal Triple-Transit Echoes
  • Format Independence – Delay Line System Supports Changing Modulation Schemes
  • Low Link Loss Options
  • Low Temperature Sensitivity
  • Manually and/or Computer Controlled


  • Radar Testing
  • Phase Array Antennas
  • Signal Processing
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems

DLS – Fiber Delay Line System – Delay Spool and Optical Transceiver