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The broadcast industry is in a period of transition as television viewing habits change from traditional network, cable and satellite scheduled programming to internet based on-demand streaming or IPTV. The transition to digital broadcast technology over the past decade has enabled this, and with it has also come quantum leaps in picture quality from the original HDTV standard, to today’s 4K ultra high-definition television (4K UHD).

The professional audio-video market has grown tremendously during this transition to digital video. High-quality video content delivery is required more and more for government and military communications, education, medicine, security and surveillance, digital signage and a wide variety of other commercial, residential and government applications.

EMCORE, through its broadcast and professional audio-video business unit Opticomm-EMCORE, has developed a broad portfolio of products for the digital video broadcast revolution within its Optiva Multimedia Transport Platform. Optiva is a highly versatile platform supporting both fiber optic and copper-based transmission. It can be customized for almost any multimedia video transport and distribution application with video resolutions up to 4K UHD.

As video distribution and switching requirements have grown more complex and demanding, Opticomm-EMCORE introduced the Genesis XD (GXD) Multimedia Matrix Switch Platform. In combination with Optiva, it enables an all-in-one multimedia transport, converting, switching, and routing system for small-to-large video distribution systems.

To support the tremendous growth of IPTV, EMCORE has developed the HD4 Encoder and Decoder for broadcast quality HD video over Ethernet networks. A key enabling technology for IPTV is MPEG video compression and the HD4 features the latest MPEG-4 industry standard.

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